Personal vs Contents Insurance – What’s the Difference?

You’re away from home, the phone rings and you hear a voice telling you that a bolt of lightning has hit your house and now it’s much a pile of ashes. Thankfully, no one was there and you’re all safe. You know that you have insurance to cover the loss of the house, but what about what’s in the house? Is that covered too?

The good news is that most homeowner’s policies will have some coverage for the contents of the house –furniture, clothing, appliances, etc. What about that one-of-a-kind Gibson guitar or Grandma’s diamond ring? What about your new Nikon or your rare stamp collection? Chances are those personal items are either not going to be covered or not for anywhere near their value on your regular policy.

That’s where personal articles coverage – often referred to as a rider, floater, endorsement or Scheduled Personal Property Coverage – kicks in to give you the additional coverage you need for the things that are the most valuable to you.

Contact CK Ash today. We will sit down and work with you to find the perfect combination of homeowner’s and personal articles insurance that give you what you need. Your peace of mind is as valuable to us as your property is to you.